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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


In order to access the website , the user must accept these Terms and Conditions.



Reg. com.: J35/3281/2006

Tax Identification No: RO 19110942



Banca Transilvania

Adres Str. Ludwig von Ybl no. 36, Timisoara, Timis, 300769

Work unit: 307285 Mosnita Noua DJ592 (Platform IDM Beton), Timis Romania


The pictures displayed on the website are realistic; however, the colours may be slightly different from those of the actual products, due to photo shooting or your computer monitor settings. The clients of will always be notified if a product is available or not, whether it can be custom-ordered, how long it will take to manufacture and deliver it to the client. Such information will be sent by e-mail or phone. The product images, offers, prices and contests may be changed without prior notice in this respect. The products purchased on  will be shipped together with the related invoice or receipt.


In order to access the website (which includes viewing and purchasing the products), certain terms and conditions of use must be accepted, in the form of a legal agreement between the user and SRO INDUSTRY SRL. Therefore, reading the paragraphs below is highly recommended.

Viewing or buying products on requires the prior acceptance of such terms and conditions. Additionally, using any other current or future services provided by SRO INDUSTRY SRL, involves the acceptance of the same terms and conditions.

The entire content of the website is protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. The use of any elements belonging to without the written consent of SRO INDUSTRY SRL is punished according to the applicable law.

The user is NOT allowed to change or reproduce the content of the website, in full or in part, to copy, sell or use the website in any other manner without the company’s consent. The Visitor/Client will not alter, copy, distribute, deliver, display, publish, duplicate or grant licenses, create by-products, transfer or sell any information or service obtained on or by means of this website. We hereby inform you that the BRAND is a registered trademark; therefore its use without the company’s approval is punished according to the applicable law.

The content of this website, including without limitation, the logo, visual representations, symbols, pictures, photographs, texts and related elements, are the exclusive property of SRO INDUSTRY SRL The duplication, distribution, publication, alteration, supplementation, use, presentation, integration, collation, dissemination or removal of marks, photos, images, text chunks, as well as the display, sale etc. of the content, data, information, photos or other information found on the website without the express written consent of THE COMPANY are forbidden.

By accessing and using the website, no Client will acquire any right or license to use any information available on the website. No Client is entitled to use any automated or manual device to monitor the materials available on the website.


The Client must keep confidential the information acknowledged when accessing and using the website, as well as the notices received during the registration and authentication process, the placement and completion of orders and other actions related to the use of the website. The Client must not disclose to third parties its relationship with SRO INDUSTRY SRL without the latter’s prior written consent.

The Client’s sharing of information, materials, ideas, concepts, know-how, techniques etc. through this website gives us the unrestricted and irrevocable right to access, use, duplicate, display, alter, disseminate and share such materials or information.

The availability of a product, whether or not as part of a sales campaign, is notified to the Client by e-mail after placing the order. has a strict privacy policy regarding personal data protection.

When you access our website and products, SRO INDUSTRY processes your personal data in order to fulfill the purposes for which such data were collected and stored. As concerns your rights as a Data Subject pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, please check our Security Policy and the other measures implemented to protect your rights.


The prices displayed on are in RON. The displayed prices are valid when accessing the page where they are displayed, SRO INDUSTRY being entitled to change them anytime at its own discretion, with no prior notice.

By placing an order on the website  , you irrevocably undertake to pay the equivalent amount of the ordered products. In this respect, we hereby inform you that, during the order registration process, you will be redirected to the websites of our partners in order for your personal data to be collected for payment purposes.


Any client is free to register on our website by a simple click on the “Create account” button on the home page and by following the requested steps in order to create the account.

You will be requested to insert your surname, name, e-mail address and a password. You must insert a valid e-mail address, otherwise you will not be able to continue the registration process. You are fully responsible for safekeeping the access password, as well as any other registration, authentication and account details. You are fully responsible for any order and/or payment made on our website by using your account.


In order to place an order, you must follow these steps:

1. select the products and add them to your Shopping cart, by clicking the “Add to cart” button,

2. if you want to add more products, click “Continue shopping”; if you want to complete your order, you have to click “Complete order”,

3. after selecting the products, if you do not have and do not wish to create an account on the website, you have to click “Complete order as Visitor” and insert your e-mail address to receive the order confirmation,

4. insert the invoice details,

5. insert the delivery address,

6. delivery is made by courier,

7. select the payment method,

8. tick “I agree with the website Terms and Conditions”,

9. you may also choose to receive newsletters,

10. place your order by clicking the “Complete order” button.


SRO INDUSTRY SRL tries to provide to its clients a description as detailed as possible of the products available on the website, but cannot guarantee that such description or the content of the website  is complete or error free. Moreover, SRO INDUSTRY SRL will not be liable for: data losses, profit losses, impossibility to access the website data, modification of information, prices or website features without prior notice.

The client must select the payment method before placing the order, by choosing the appropriate option during the order placement stages.

The Seller will issue an invoice to the Client in respect of the delivered products. To this effect, the Client must provide to the Seller all the information required for issuing the invoice, according to the applicable law. The invoice will be delivered to the Client in printed form, together with the ordered products.


The products are shipped by the seller at the domicile address/other address mentioned by the buyer.

The products are shipped by COURIER.

Shipping costs amount to 30 RON.

Available products will be shipped within 24 hours since the order confirmation by e-mail. You should receive your products within maximum 2 days since the order confirmation. This period may vary due to causes independent of our will, but without exceeding 10 working days since the date of your order registration.

The products will be properly packed in order to ensure their safety during shipping. According to the applicable law, the courier will be liable for any damage caused to the product or parcel during shipping.


Should you experience any problem accessing, using or creating an account on our website, placing an order, or regarding an existing order and other similar issues, you may contact us by phone at 0737014257, or by e-mail at

Your complaint will be recorded and you will receive a response in writing within maximum 3 working days, at the e-mail address provided when submitting your complaint.

The Client agrees not to make such complaints public (on social media, at private reunions, or in other circumstances), otherwise being liable for remedies in respect of the reputational damage caused to the Company through such actions.


SRO INDUSTRY SRL reserves the right to change at any time the content of the website , the related policy, terms and conditions, without any obligation of prior notice sent to the users in this respect, although we will do our best to inform our clients on such changes.

The user of the website must check on a regular basis the terms and conditions. Should the user disagree with the changes in the terms and conditions operated by THE COMPANY, he/she will no longer be able to use the website. If the user continues to use the website, it will be deemed that he/she agrees with such changes.


By creating and using the account, the Client assumes responsibility for the confidentiality of its account details (user and password) and for managing account access, being liable for the activity carried out through its account according to the applicable law.

By accessing the website, creating the account, using the website, placing orders etc., the Client agrees expressly and unambiguously with the latest Terms and Conditions, as communicated on the website. After creating the account, the use of the website content implies the acceptance of the changes operated in the Terms and Conditions and/or the updated versions of such Terms and Conditions. The Client is responsible for checking the latest version of the Terms and Conditions, whenever accessing the website.

The acceptance of the website Terms and Conditions is confirmed by ticking the appropriate checkbox on the website and/or by sending the Order and/or by making an online payment.

We will not be liable for any damage that the Client or a third party may incur as a result of our fulfillment of the obligations related to the Order, or for any damage resulting from the use of the Goods after their delivery, and least of all for their loss.

We will not be held responsible for any damage to your computer or for viruses that may affect your computer or any other equipment following your access, use, navigation, download of any content, information, material, data, text, picture, video or audio file on our website.


The Clients who are not satisfied with the purchased product may return it and/or select another product for the amount of the returned product, according to the following terms and conditions. Unsealed products, or products missing the original label or packaging will not be accepted for return. Before returning the products, clients must notify the merchant in advance, by sending an e-mail at specifying the following:

- the product/products to be returned

- the reason for product return

- the option for replacement or refund


Neither party will be liable for the failure to perform in due time or/and for the inappropriate performance - in total or in part - of any of its obligations arising from the herein agreement, if such failure to perform or inappropriate performance was caused by a force majeure event, as defined by the law, for reasons independent of the parties.

The party claiming force majeure must notify the other party within 5 (five) days regarding the occurrence of such event and take all reasonable measures in order to mitigate its consequences.


The agreement is governed by and interpreted according to the Romanian law. Any dispute between the Merchant and the Client in connection with the herein agreement will be solved in an amicable manner, or otherwise submitted to the competent court in THE CITY.


This website is owned by SRO INDUSTRY SRL which gives you the right to access and use it, subject to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. By accessing and using the website, you agree expressly and unambiguously with the Terms and Conditions.

SRO INDUSTRY SRLis entitled to change the Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice, by posting their updated version on the website; the Client must read the Terms and Conditions whenever accessing the website. The Client must fully observe the website Terms and Conditions and cannot pretend or defend himself/herself by not knowing the Terms and Conditions displayed on the website at the date of accessing, using and/or placing an order on the website.

SRO INDUSTRY SRL organises various promotional sales on a periodical basis, which are announced on the website. The sales campaigns are valid starting from their activation until their deactivation on the website. The promotions cannot be cumulated with other promotions or discounts and are valid subject to product availability.