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Aristotle said, "We are what we do repeatedly: therefore, excellence is not a singular act, but a habit."

SRO Industry is a supplier for cable management systems, wires & connectors, protection & fixing systems, and other dedicated products for cable assembly and harnesses.

Our story begins in 2011 by obtaining the first partnership contract with Schlemmer Romania for the development of the market and the promotion of its products in all fields of application of the industry.

2012-2014 years of sustained and continuous work followed for the promotion and development of the network of partners for Schlemmer products, to which we added products of the company SIB (Solutions Industry and Buildings). Promotion made directly to customers and manufacturers by studying the technical requirements. Help us implement our cable protection solutions and connect to their needs and products.

Participation in industry-specific fairs such as IEAS (2012 - 2018) has helped to develop and strengthen the position of our solutions on the market and their recognition by our partners.

2015 - 2018, years of market consolidation and development of solutions offered on the Romanian market by introducing the Anamet, Panduit and Gremco product range. With the help of our partners, customers and suppliers, the solutions we offer have covered the requirements of the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, naval equipment, the wagon and locomotive manufacturing industry, the oil and gas extraction industry.

2019 - is a reference year by opening the office and the warehouse in Mosnita Noua, a decision taken to shorten delivery times in response to requests from our customers. In accordance with the requirements for the solutions offered, we added another partner, the Spanish company Interflex.

2020 - a new challenge for us and our partners ...