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Currently, several megatrends can be seen in the automotive industry. Apart from electromobility and vehicle digitization, another term that is always at hand is autonomous driving. Therefore, the car becomes an increasingly sensitive living space and better connected to the network. Our cable protection and management products protect extremely sensitive connections in the entire vehicle complex. Our claim here is to offer our customers the best solutions at the highest level of quality.

Robotics and automation

The use of robots and the automation of the entire production chain has long ceased to be utopian, unachievable. In more and more companies, cooperation between humans and robots is already a common practice.This automation ensures that employees can invest more time and effort in development and optimization, while the usual assembly process runs automatically. This requires perfect technical equipment and a long service life, especially in the field of automation and robotics technology.
With our extremely flexible and yet abrasion-resistant tubes in the cable protection sector, we allow your cars to enjoy a long service life.


Strict regulations for the approval of materials in shipbuilding and the longevity of products are our priority. Our well thought out products have been developed especially for the shipbuilding industry and meet all approvals (DNV - GL).
The product range includes lots of different tubes and accessories for shipbuilding applications.


The use of our products in railway technology places the highest requirements for the safety of customers and staff throughout the entire production chain. The biggest threat, besides the resulting heat, is smoke and toxic gases, associated in a burning train.In order to identify and evaluate a potential hazard at an early stage, it is necessary to comply with the rules of the European fire safety standard according to EN 45545 for railway vehicles. The current railway standard EN 45545 describes the fire protection requirements for all materials used in the construction of railway vehicles (inside and outside). The requirements for fire protection outside materials and components are particularly strict in this environment.
Our product range includes corrugated tubes of PA6 and PA12, accessories for all railway applications.

Oil industry

If flammable substances, such as gases, mists, vapors or dust, are present, there is a risk of explosion. This is the case in almost every branch of industry today.
Affected by the ATEX Directive are:

  • Equipment:machinery, control devices
  • Protection: systems : explosion suppression systems, discharge systems and others
  • Components: omponents necessary for the safe operation of equipment and protection systems
Our product range includes a variety of plastic and metal tubes and fittings for all ATEX and EMC applications.

High temperatures

Our high temperature tubes and beds have been designed for use in an environment where high temperature protection is mandatory. Non-existent thermal protection can have catastrophic effects, especially against welding splashes in welding systems or for foundry applications.
High temperature resistant tubes are indispensable for the protection of factory components.
Our product range includes lots of different tubes and accessories for all high temperatures.

Energy industry

Wherever high voltage is used, special cable protection is required. With our products you are on the safe side. In the field of cable protection systems, we provide complete solutions. The type of production and energy supply is of secondary importance. From coal and nuclear power to renewable energy, our products are versatile.
Especially in the energy revolution and the establishment of new methods for energy generation, such as solar energy, wind energy, hydro or geothermal energy, our products offer reliable results and contribute decisively to energy supply.

Equipment construction

This equipment must often maintain extreme voltages. The heaviest loads must be reliably brought from point A to point B, regardless of weather or other external conditions under the action of strong forces.
With the help of our cable protection solutions made of abrasion-resistant materials, we ensure that the important components of your equipment benefit from the best possible protection.

Food industry

Ensuring food safety is an extremely important task. For this reason, there are strict hygiene requirements (for example, FDA CFR 21 and NSF 51), which must be met by all equipment used for the preparation and processing of food. When cleaned as best as possible, the risk of infection, disease, contamination or injury is excluded or at least minimized.
Our products are easy to clean and protected against dirt. They are optimally oriented to the special requirements of the food sector and help you produce food of impeccable quality.

Chemical industry

Chemicals are used to make a wide variety of consumer goods, as well as goods for the agricultural, production and construction industries and other fields. The needs of the chemical industry are therefore varied and constantly evolving.
The polymers and plastics used for our products cover a wide range from polyamide, thermoplastic nitrile butadiene rubber (BNR), polyurethane, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene to thermoplastic elastomers.